• About

    FOODCHAIN is the City of Perth’s youth projects arm. Its all-ages art and music projects and events create dynamic left-of-centre experiences for young people while supporting and promoting young creative talent. …

  • Speak Your Mind

    30 unique stories amplified throughout the City of Perth and Northbridge during National Youth Week.

  • Team Up!

    Team Up! delivers a free event or project for young people with Foodchain within City of Perth boundaries.

  • Real to Reel

    Real to Reel is a pop-up all-ages recording studio and mp3 archive run by Foodchain, the City of Perth’s youth projects arm.

  • Light Locker Art Spaces

    The Light Locker Art Spaces in Grand Lane and Roe Street Car Park Arcade are public exhibition spaces showcasing newly commissioned works from local artists aged 35 and under.

  • Transart

    TRANSART – TRANSITION aims to integrate temporary, ephemeral, interventionist, performative, audio or action-based artworks into the urban fabric of the everyday.

  • This Wall Talks

    This Wall Talks is a mural by Kyle Hughes-Odgers painted in Lock Lane Northbridge.

  • Crustacean Cup 2012

    The Crustacean Cup is over for another year but the memories, the (Blood Rock Lobster) madness and the taste of delicious tacos will surely stick around.

  • I Must Stay On Task

    Foodchain’s debut public art project was created by David Turley in Target Lane, off Murray Street Mall.

  • Crustacean Cup 2011

    The Crustacean Cup local band soccer tournament is a free event, combining the fun of the world game with the sometimes laughable physical capabilities of local musicians.

  • Hatched Workshops

    Artist-led workshops for young people presented as part of PICA’s National Graduate Show 2011.

  • Lineup

    A festival of music videos from young local musicians, screened on the Northbridge Piazza Screen during National Youth Week 2015.

  • Crustacean Cup 2010

    On Sunday May 23, Perth’s local music community rallied around their favourite players in an epic soccer battle.

  • In Transit

    Two disused shops in the Wellington Street Bus Station received a makeover as part of Foodchain’s inaugural video and new media art project, In Transit.

  • Ephemeral Art Commissions

    Two artwork commissions from young emerging artists presented within June-August 2014.