Foodchain’s inaugural Crustacean Cup

On Sunday May 23, Perth’s local music community will rally around their favourite players as they prepare for the epic soccer battle that is foodchain’s inaugural Crustacean Cup.

The match runs from 2pm to 4pm at Wellington Square, with a half time performance from musical comedian Zack Adams and commentary from RTRFM’s Peter Barr.

Captain Chris Pierucci (Capital City) has surrounded himself with skilful and enthusiastic players drawn from local bands Eskimo Joe, Red Jezebel, Sugar Army, Split Seconds, Emperors, Russian Winters, Capital City and Boys Boys Boys. His team Crabs FC are pinching the sky in anticipation as the match approaches.

They are set to battle punker prince Laith Tierney (Tyranocorp Management) and his Mighty Tyranocrabs. His rough and tumble comrades play in bands like Cal Peck and the Tramps, Bible Bashers, Mongrel Country, Mile End, Fear of Comedy, Chainsaw Hookers and Injured Ninja and are ready to regain the Tyros rightful place at the top of the food chain.

The Crustacean Cup is a free all-ages event and everyone is welcome. Pack up a picnic and arm yourself with hilarious heckles and silly soccer sledges then stake out a spot on the greens of the west end of Wellington Square.

Getting There

Wellington Square is located at the east end of Wellington Street and is easily accessed via the free Yellow and Red Cat services. It is a short walk from Claisebrook Train Station, and is also located within the Free Transit Zone, meaning punters can hop on any bus along Wellington Street and take the short trip east for free.

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