Crustacean Cup 2012 Match Report

Injuries have been iced, muscles strained and smarting pride has subsided.

The Crustacean Cup is over for another year but the memories, the (Blood Rock Lobster) madness and the taste of delicious tacos will surely stick around.

Here’s the illustrated guide of how it went down:

Game 1: The Blood Rock Lobsters V The Able Seamen

The Blood Rock Lobsters announced themselves with a confident display of synchronised pinching along centre pinch. The Able Seamen refuted the pysch-out, controlling the ball and the majority of the game while occasionally fending off a lively and sometimes haphazard attack from the Blood Rock Lobsters. A controversial uncalled handball momentarily stopped the Seamen’s defence and the Blood Rock Lobsters seized the opportunity to put the ball in the net. Despite many desperate attempts, the Able Seamen failed to capitalise on their opportunities and went out in the first round. Fortunate in some ways, as many of the WA Youth Jazz Orchestra players had a rehearsal to get to… They’ll be back next year for BLOOD!

Props to: WAYJO’s athleticism and tenacity; Laura and Jess for ably repping for the ladies; TBRL’s synchronised pysch-outs and flair-filled uniforms.


Game 2: Mictacea V Crabs FC

After a surprise early exit last year, Mictacea were back with a vengeance (and the tiniest shorts on field, courtesy of Nick O’Dell). They had the upper hand, with captain John Lekias scoring early and precisely in the first half. Looking overwhelmed and slightly befuddled, two-time victors Crabs FC regrouped at half time with a fiery pep talk from coach Dan Little and the newly injured Craig Hollywood. Supported by much yelling from the sidelines, Crabs equalised with a majestic and dare I say fluky header from Jamie Sher. With neither team budging in the final half, the match went to penalties with Crabs FC prevailing thanks to the tight work of keeper Sam Scherr.

Props to: Mictacea’s ball control, strong defence and long lanky limbs; Craig’s persistent and spirited coaching from the sidelines.

The Final: Blood Rock Lobsters V Crabs FC

The Lobsters continued with the intimidatory tactics, staging an epic pinch-off haka-esque dance at the beginning of the final. Although the Crabs called for their catch cry of ‘pinch the sky’ to be patented, they weren’t faltering in the face of bigger claws. They set a dogged pace for the rest of the match, navigating the flailing feet and bodies of the Lobsters. Their persistence was rewarded when captain Kris Dimitroff’s epic left boot delivered the victory goal, heartbreakingly fumbled by the BRL goalie who had delivered an impressive performance in earlier plays. Crabs held on despite the best efforts of Lobster star Ben to equalise, maintaining their title of Crustacean Cup champions for the third year in a row.

Props to: Lobsters’ spirited and entertaining distraction tactics; Jamie’s amazing cannonball-in-face kick move; soccer and music, for uniting young and old on the battlepitch!

Amidst all this kicking of ball(s), folks were treated to some amazing cheerleading from NRG (good luck in the state championship guys!) and some excellent sets from Craig McElhinney, Ermine Coat, The Shakeys, smRts and Astral Travel. Thank you to all for coming along and sharing your skills (and in Pex’s case, poetry) with us all.

Thanks must also be extended to:

  • Jessee La Cucaracha for feeding everyone the aforementioned delicious tacos
  • The guys from CCA Productions and Mitey Staging for swift set up and pack down
  • RTRFM! Peter Barr and guest Bob Gordon splendidly commentated the final match and Stan and Hannah made the live broadcast run like clockwork. You can listen to the restream of all the action here.
  • Kevin the Crab from Keep Australia Beautiful for hooking us up with bins
  • Photographer Sheridan Coleman
  • Film maker Iris Struame

Finally, how amazing did the pitch look? Allsports Linemarking marked the pitch but the real magic was courtesy of Jake and the team from Pallet Media who took a break from painting  on Subi Oval and the WACA to brand the ground with team logos.

Here are some pics that didn’t fit elsewhere, plus an intimate look at each team of musicians (sorry Able Seamen, looks like the photographer had a crush on the Blood Rock Lobsters! Next year…)

Congratulations Crabs United FC, three time champions of Foodchain’s Crustacean Cup!


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