Alex Wolman

Alex Wolman
IM TOO YOUNG, 2011. Plasticine.

Alex Wolman works across a diverse range of practices, moving between performance, film, drawing, painting, installation and sculpture. Earlier this year he wrote, directed and starred in a one man play called My Experience of Things. He also completed a short film titled A Girl Didn’t Commit Suicide. He has released a zine of poetry and was the feature poet at the Perth Poetry Club in April 2011. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Western Australia.

Alex makes intensely emotional works that often find their inspiration in personal experience. “IM TOO YOUNG” is his first overtly textual piece – a practice he intends to explore in the future.

“Too young to be meaningful. Too young to make art. Too young to love properly. It’s all a person growing yet never arriving. Never being satisfied with where you are. Always in the process of becoming without ever being able to enjoy what you are. Conquering what you desired. Becoming that thing you intended. But the satisfaction eludes you. And the gains you have made, and the new things you can do and be, which you had once desired, they are no longer your desires, because there are new ones on the horizon. ‘Here’ is not okay, because as soon as you have arrived there is a new ‘there’ – that point in the distance that is continually eluding you”

– Alex Wolman

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Text by Guy Louden

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