Jessie Mitchell

Jessie Mitchell.
Staedlter, 2011. Foam, felt, embroidery.

Jessie Mitchell is currently completing a Masters degree in Fine Art at Curtin University. She works from a studio above William Topp in Northbridge, contributing artwork to numerous esoteric window displays as well as to more traditional group exhibitions.

Specialising in textiles, gardening and skills traditionally thought of as ‘craft’, her work often examines the threshold of commercial and art objects. Within a framework of ‘contemporary multiplicity’, she produces everything from jewellery and wearable objects to macramé hanging baskets and oversize felt sculptures, imbuing the works with exuberance, humour and a sensitive understanding of materials.

For the Light Locker Art Space, Jessie responded to the mural artwork that surrounds her light box. Imagining the enormous drawing tool that could have created the work, she created an exact replica of a Staedler drawing pencil from foam, felt and embroidery threads.

Its tip aligned with a stroke from the mural, the pencil is presented as if it’s just completed a fervent drawing session and has been trapped or restrained in the light box. The object possesses vitality; its bright red sides almost vibrate with pent-up energy.

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